Cavour Corporate Finance advises its clients by supplying a complete and tailor-made service which include financial, business and strategic analysis, together with the assessment of the company’s competitive strategy, the market’s competitive scenario and the valuation of the internal and external key success factors.

Cavour specializes in advising Small and Medium sized companies aiming to grow externally through acquisitions, especially at an international level. Such transactions include the acquisition of:

•    Shares, participations and stakes
•    Companies
•    Business units
•    Trademarks
In particular, Cavour has consolidated and valuable experience in closing cross-border acquisitions of SMEs performed by multinational groups.


Cavour Corporate Finance specializes in assisting and advising entrepreneurial families in the disposal process of a partial or an entire Business.

The sale of family-owned companies involves dealing with several important and delicate issues which require specific analysis. Industrial, financial, economic, psychological, personal and familiar aspects often interact together creating a complex scenario characterized by different expectations and interests;  which have to be carefully evaluated with particular attention and expertise.
Cavour assists its clients offering the following advisory services:

•    Analysis of the motivations for the sale and the related impact on the company and its continuity;
•    Analysis of the competitive scenario, including main competitors and their strategic approach;
•    Analysis of the potential buyers,  their strategic fit and the financial ability to support the transaction;
•    Development of an informative document (“Information Memorandum”) in order to deliver all the necessary data to fully understand the value of the company for sale, highlighting its opportunitiesand strengths with the aim to maximize its potential valuation.
•    Dialogue with potential buyers, previously selected and approved by the client;
•    Starting negotiation activities with potential buyers and discussions about critical points or issues that might emerge after the analysis of the Information Memorandum;
•    Preparation of documents and sensitive information in the appropriate “Data Room” for the Due Diligence process and co-ordination of the Buyer’s advisors;
•    Co-ordination of all the subsequent activities aimed to the closing, in particular cooperation with lawyers for the definition of the sale agreements.

Sale of family-owned companies to Institutional Investor

•    Selection of the appropriate Private Equity firm to consolidate the family control or to solve succession issues (Family Buy-Out)
•    Selection of a financial investor that could replace one or more shareholders who are not directly  involved in the company’s management and/or  willing to have their investment paid off (Replacement Capital)

•    Sale of  minority interests to a Private Equity firm to ensure the continuity of the company and its development (Growth Capital)
•    Sale of  majority interests with or without financial leverage (Buy-Out or Leveraged Buy-Out)