01 May 2021

Alban Giacomo Spa acquired Bonaiti Serrature Spa

AGB – Alban Giacomo Spa is an Italian company specialized in manufacturing hardware systems for doors, windows and shutters. Active since 1947, the company now operates four factories production plants and four foreign sales offices; it offers 20,000 products serving 110 countries around the world. It was founded and is currently managed by the Alban family. AGB has a turnover of over 80 million euros, an Ebitda of approximately 25 million euros and a net financial position largely positive. The current workforce is about 400 employees.

Bonaiti Serrature SpA, based in Calziocorte (LC), is active since 1936 in the design, production and sale of locking systems for internal and external doors. Bonaiti Serrature closed the 2020 financial year with a turnover of over 9 million euros, with an EBITDA of 1.4 million euros and a positive net financial position. The current workforce is 60 employees.

The acquisition will allow AGB to consolidate its presence nationally and strengthen it in Europe, an area in which Bonaiti Serrature has an important presence. AGB will also have a complementary range of magnetic locks and other innovative solutions of particular interest for the world of interior design. The integration of the Bonaiti range into its product portfolio and the consequent synergy will strengthen AGB’s leadership in the sector.

The transaction was advised by Antonio Zecchino, Chairman of Cavour Corporate Finance and Barbara Grieco, Partner.