25 Jun 2018


In January 2018 Cavour joined GCG – Geneva Capital Group (, a global network of M&A, Corporate Finance and Strategy firms, located in Europe, USA and Canada, South America, China and Indonesia, Africa, Middle East, Australia.

GCG Members must meet requirements of integrity, independence, professional skills, hold a leadership position in their respective regions/markets and provide advisory services in the following sectors :

  • M&A sell-side
  • M&A buy-side
  • Fundraising
  • Strategic Advisory: Internazionalization, Succession Plans, Restructuring, Turnaround

GCG is member of GGI Geneva Group International, an alliance of independent law, accounting, auditing companies, tax consulting, business consulting firms. Founded in 1995 in Switzerland, today it counts about 600 Firms in 123 countries through Europe, Latin America, US, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

GGI professionals, located in 5 continents, can offer their clients a full range of consulting services in any part of the world; the network is in constant evolution and development and maintains standing professional relations without the bondaries of either borders or languages;  furthermore, international law seminars and annual meetings  provide updating on legal and current matters

GGI Geneva Group International is ranked among the world top networks of independent professionals

According to Accountancy Age (official publication of Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales), GGI is ranked 1° among the Top 20 International alliances and associations in 2016

Thanks to this partnership (GCG + GGI) Cavour can assist its clients interested in cross-border acquisitions, in financial advisory with local professionals, and also in all complementary activities in the accounting, tax and legal matters, offering a  360° service according to the “one-stop shop” consolidated practice.

Last February during the GCG Dealmakers Meeting in Marbella Cavour has been presented as new network member; next April all GGI members will join the General GGI Meeting in Berlin to meet and discuss of themes like Taxation, Debt Restructuring and Insolvency, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Global Mobility Solutions, Business Development and Marketing, Best Practice, M&A, Auditing, Reporting and Compliance…